Quiet Supersonic Transport

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Lockheed Martin has been commissioned to design and manufacture the Quiet Supersonic Transport (QSST), a 12-seat private jet that will be able to quietly break the sound barrier. Capable of flying at Mach 1.6—which for the rest of us means 1200mph—that unique ability to sneak through the sound barrier without breaking every window in sight would let it zip from New York to LA in two hours and 15 minutes.

The supersonic jet’s sonic boom will reportedly be 20dB quieter than the Concorde’s, an aerodynamic trick made possible by a canceling-out effect when the plane’s broad nose compresses the shockwave while the rest of the plane’s fuselage expands it. Let’s hope aviation authorities buy into this idea and let the thing soar coast to coast, pedal to the metal. The groundbreaking design is due to fly by 2013.

Volcano Krakatau, Indonesia

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This volcano remnant was not dormant, however, and in August 1883 the volcano on Krakatau erupted with such violence that the sound was heard as far away as Madagscar and Alice Springs, thousands of kilometers away. Two-thirds of the island was destroyed and roughly 20 cubic kilometers of rock was lofted into the atmosphere. It was one of the largest explosions on Earth in recorded history. The eruption also raised a tsunami 40 meters (130 feet) high which resulted in an estimated 36,000 deaths when it washed ashore as much as 10 kilometers inland from the coast of nearby islands. Since 1927, continued eruptions and outflow material has formed the fourth island in the park, Anak Krakatau—“Child of Krakatau.

Teeth Whitening Tips

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Have a Bright Smile When You Know How to Have Healthy and White Teeth.

Benefits are just simple, let’s say, “Having a great smile, Look Good and Feel Good all the time.” Whether we tell it or not, having a bright smile is very inviting, like in TV commercials where two people meet and get attracted to each others smile.

Information to help improve your appearance with a white healthy smile, is the best way for you to enhance your self-confidence and boost up your attitude.

5 Easy Steps to Make your Teeth Healthy and White:

  1. Make a paste with peroxide and baking soda. Put this paste on your toothbrush and brush your teeth.
  2. Use whitening strips, it’s quick and simple way to get whiter teeth. Just stick the strips on your teeth for a few minutes and then take off. Quick and Easy!
  3. Use whitening toothpaste. Brushing with whitening toothpaste will gradually whiten your teeth. This is probably one of the least expensive ways of whitening your teeth. Very economical.
  4. Stop smoking. Cigarette smoke is a leading cause of teeth discoloration. You have a better chance of whitening your teeth if you stop smoking. Save your lungs! Save your teeth!
  5. Go to a professional. A dentist can professionally whiten your teeth using a bleaching agent and a special light to speed up the process.

Good luck! Have a Beautifully White Smile!

Canadian Valtrex is a popular oral drug used to treat genital herpes.

Sukhoi Pak FA Concept

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Now Russiahas its own stealthjet bomber. They promise to have it here already this year and start producing it in seriesstarting 2010.

They tell that the design of the planeis still kept secret and those sketches are the only clue that people have, but as it is known it would be a decent F-22 competitor.

The Shweeb is a Pedal-Powered Monorail

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The Shweeb is a person-powered monorail. The theme-park ride is a combination of the most futuristic of transports and the oldest: pedal-power meets sky-train.

The Shweeb lives in the Agroventures Adventure Park, Rotorua, New Zealand, and is essentially a row of recumbent bikes inside a clear plastic bubble, suspended from a rail. The efficiency means that a team can run at around 40kph (25mph) without too much effort, and in fact the track record for one man is 36kph (22mph). Because of this speed, the capsules swing out around the corners and the result apparently gives you quite the rush.

The tech page on the ride’s site bangs on about the transportation of the future, but is is? the beauty of the bike is that you can go anywhere, when you like. A monorail, whether powered by oil, coal or legs, is still public transport and still tied to a track. Yes, it’s safer, it’s dry in the rain and it looks like a lot of fun, but the transport of the future is already here. It has two wheels, and it’s called a bike.

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