Ukrainian Femenists Against Porn

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Apparently the fact that Ukraine nick banned porn store, the Ukrainian women’s movement Femen not enough. Now they demand to ban the Ukraine access to porno resources. For help they turned to the different search engines, which explains the first photo.

But the most interesting – it seems they decided that the most effective way to draw attention to the problem will be … Topless!
In my opinion, this should conflict with their feminist beliefs, no?))
So .. look)

Custom Car Drives on Water

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WaterCar Inc develops high-performance amphibious cars that can reach freeway speeds [0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds] in the water.

Custom designed doors are built to keep water out and allow easy access from the water. The interior is based on a boat design with captain chairs in the front and wrapping bench in the back.

Starting at $200,000, WaterCar Python is definitely not for everyone. For more information about this amphibious vehicle, visit

Vertu Constellation Ayxta

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Vertu has expanded its Constellation stable with yet another model, the Ayxta. This will be the first flip handset from the luxurious manufacturer, where the Ayxta has been targeted “at discerning global citizens who are searching for a high quality product to assist in maintaining their standard of living wherever they may be throughout the world“.

It will add a touch of class to your life thanks to Vertu’s Concierge service, where a single button press will lead you straight to a customer service agent who is able to help you with just about any questions you have (handy if you’re a participant on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”), or have an errand to run.

Apart from that, the Ayxta will also boast Vertu Select, an online service exclusive to this handset that provides you with the location of the latest hip bars in your area. Other features include a microSD memory card slot, up to 2,000 contacts, up to 1,500 calendar notes and up to 1,000 messages, as well as 3G connectivity and a 3-megapixel camera with integrated twin LED flash. Expect to fork out anywhere from 4,900 to 6,500 Euros for this puppy.

Peyronies Disease Treatment

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Peyronie’s illness is manifested by unnatural curvature of the knob during erection due to development of scar tissue that’s released in the penis erectile. Those who have the illness may experience agony during intercourse as the development of scar stops straightening of the penile during erection. Cialis professional is a newly formulated erectile dysfunction pill with proved effect.

There are occasions when a curved penile can be so huge which will make it impossible to attain penetration. You have to know but the scar tissue is unlikely an erectile cancer, and depending on their particular situation they can be dealt with surgically or no chirurgical, sometimes passing by itself.

The signs and the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease can appear overnite, especially if the penis is facing an injury, or may develop continuously. Peyronie’s illness symptoms include agony and penile curvature during erection, forming a swelling beneath the skin on one side or each side of the johnson, penile dysfunction, incapacity to penetrate or shortness of penis.

If the erectile scar tissue will form on top of the penis, then penis and will curve up. If the grows on the bottom of the penis, then it will curve down.

If you are lost at what to do with your men’s health problems, take canadian cialis.

It is suggested that you contact a medical consultant from the 1st symptoms of the disease.

The better forms of Peyronies Disease treatment: you can not talk about a fixed form of Peyronies disease treatment, and in a few cases the disease will cure itself.

  • Theoral medicine – this type of Peyronies disease treatment proves its efficacy just when administered within the first twelve to 18 months from the appearance, when the scar is still forming. The prescriptions in this period are : colchicine, amino benzoate of potassium, which taken after medical advice can lead to finish cure of the illness and vitamin E.
  • Injections – Your doctor will have performed an injection treatment with substances like Verapamil, colagenaza, or interferon directly to the swelling.

Surgical system is utilized when the patient has painful sex or because the curved penile is unable to penetrate at the present. Surgical options for solving this problem is the removal of scar or cut portion influenced. Although such treatment can be most effective in treating this illness, and therefore improve agony and improving quality of intercourse, it has complications: partial loss of erection or shortening of the penis. In case of partial loss of erection may call a hearing on the application specifically created to help the patient to maintain the erect penis during intercourse.

Modern Cutting Boards

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Collection of modern cutting boards designed to make food preparation more efficient and enjoyable.

Cut and Store Cutting Board

Available in many colors, new cutting board by Joseph Joseph is equipped with a special niche on the side for your knife.

Bamboo Appetito Cutting Board

The cutting surface easily slides open to give quick access to the tray and slides closed to conceal food waste during use.

Space Invaders Cutting Board

Cool way to remember this classic video game while making dinner.

Encanal Carving Board

Cutting board designed by Ernest Perera. The channel in the middle makes sure that nothing falls out of the frying pan.

Ventiquattro Cutting Board

Stylish knife and cutting board which doubles as a food container.

Corner Cutting Board

Large oval cutting board design by Peter Meier gives you more space for food preparation.

ReVital Cutting Board

Weird cutting board design by Antje Gerwien, from the University of Weimar, created for a company named ReVital.

LCD Cutting Board

Futuristic cutting board by Marc Nardangeli features touchscreen LCD display that shows cooking instructions while you prepare your meal.

ES Cutting Board

Unusual in design, this cutting board a slope that allows liquids to run freely to a collection drain from where they can be poured away easily.

Cutting Board Scale

Cool chopping board concept design that has an integrated scale within a defined area on it’s surface.

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