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Vertu Constellation Ayxta

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Vertu has expanded its Constellation stable with yet another model, the Ayxta. This will be the first flip handset from the luxurious manufacturer, where the Ayxta has been targeted “at discerning global citizens who are searching for a high quality product to assist in maintaining their standard of living wherever they may be throughout the [...]

Modern Cutting Boards

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Collection of modern cutting boards designed to make food preparation more efficient and enjoyable.
Cut and Store Cutting Board
Available in many colors, new cutting board by Joseph Joseph is equipped with a special niche on the side for your knife.

Bamboo Appetito Cutting Board
The cutting surface easily slides open to give quick access to the tray and [...]

FRESH – Open smoking booth for air travelers

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However, when smokers wait or transfer at the airport terminal, this habit often causes them inconvenience and troubles. Carrying with their luggage, smokers have to stay in the bleak and depressing airport smoking lounges or booths smelled like stale ashtrays due to the poor air ventilation. Moreover, they feel a lack of dignity staying in [...]

The Shweeb is a Pedal-Powered Monorail

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The Shweeb is a person-powered monorail. The theme-park ride is a combination of the most futuristic of transports and the oldest: pedal-power meets sky-train.

The Shweeb lives in the Agroventures Adventure Park, Rotorua, New Zealand, and is essentially a row of recumbent bikes inside a clear plastic bubble, suspended from a rail. The efficiency means that [...]

Tame Cube Concept

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If you are a cellphone addict that receives numerous calls, texts, ims, facebook messages and the like, you may find something useful in the idea behind this Tame Cube concept. Each side of the cube can be customized with a status message of your choosing and can be synced to your devices and applications. For [...]