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Awesome Polar Bear Swim Costumes

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What’s better than jumping into freezing cold water? Jumping into freezing cold water with a costume on, of course! Here’s a collection of neat/crazy/bizarre costumes people have worn when taking the plunge.

Blood Energy Potion

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Drinking blood is not just for the undead anymore! Blood Energy Potion looks like real blood and comes in a resealable, transfusion-style blood bag. This fruit punch flavored energy drink is filled with iron, protein, electrolytes, and caffeine.

You can buy Blood Energy Potion for $3.99 at ThinkGeek.

Mobile Phone & Fingers

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Shadow Chair

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Introducing the Shadow Chair launched at the Milan Salone Satellite in April 2009 with Hidden art.
A chair that integrates shadow into its structure.
At first glance it is a simple wooden chair that seems to defy gravity by standing upright while only having two front legs, but on closer inspection the shadow is part of the [...]

Hannah Fraser Acts as a Mermaid in Sydney Aquarium

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HANNAH Fraser has found a fin way to make a living – as a professional mermaid.
Hannah: I’m maid for this job

The 33-year-old puts on a tail to go to work after making her first costume out of a plastic tablecloth and two coat hangers. She can hold her breath for up to two minutes and [...]