Bryan Berg has launched an attempt to break his own Guinness World Record for the largest house of freestanding playing cards at The Venetian Macao, the world’s largest resort-hotel. The attempt to build a replica of The Venetian Macao, The Plaza Macao, and Sands Macao buildings will use more than 190,000 cards and will take 44 days to complete.

Bryan Berg broke the Guinness World Record for the World’s Tallest House of Freestanding Playing Cards in 1992 at the age of seventeen, with a tower fourteen feet, six inches tall. He has been commissioned to break his own record more than ten times. His latest structure in the category is over twenty-five feet tall. In 2004, Guinness created a new record category for the World’s Largest House of Cards to further recognize Berg’s work. He continues to hold both records, which require that the builder use no tape, glue, or tricks in his constructions. Touring regularly, Berg has stacked cards in virtually every major US and Canadian city, Europe, and Asia.

Berg was first inspired by his card-player grandfather to begin stacking cards, and is entirely self-taught in all of the techniques he uses today. Berg holds a Professional Degree in Architecture from Iowa State University, where he also served as faculty. He earned his Masters Degree in Design Studies from Harvard University.