As I have discussed on previous recording, constipation can be very problematic for many child with Autism. New Beginnings Nutritionals carries an excellent fiber supplement called Tru Fiber.

Since Tru Fiber is a granular form of fiber, it mixes very easily in water and juice. The kids in my practice are able to take Tru Fiber very easily since it does not have a bad taste. You can give between ½ scoop and 1 scoop of Tru Fiber between 1 and 3 times per day. Your child’s tolerance will regulate the exact dosage of Tru Fiber as every child responds differently. An effective dose that many children in my practice use is 1 scoop of Tru Fiber twice per day.

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Not only does Tru Fiber provide much needed fiber, it also has another benefit. Tru Fiber supports the natural underlying bacteria in the digestive tract by being what is known as a prebiotic. The digestive system has many types of natural bacteria and one of those strains is called acidophilus bifidobacter. You may give your child a probiotic supplement which is what those good, healthy bacteria are. Whether you give Therbiotic Complete, Probiotic Support Formula, etc., adding in a prebiotic like Tru Fiber is like giving them a fertilizer.

So in addition to Tru Fiber’s role as a fiber supplement, it also serves as a prebiotic. It helps with constipation and bowel function by adding fiber into your child’s body. And, the prebiotic support aids probiotic supplements by acting as a fertilizer.