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Body Revolutions

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Last decade Moscow and Saint-Petersburg were rich in different cultural events. People were participating in competitions, trying to cop prizes and finally pulling these contents off. In November, this year, in Moscow one more outstanding competition has been held. All the participants of the event had some kind of problems with weight and this competition [...]

The Sidewalk Illusion

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It looks like a normal photo with a guy sitting down reading a newspaper and two others walking on the sidewalk. If the image is rotated -90 degrees, you’ll see that it is an illusion.


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Evolution, a topic which opposes science and religion, but hey, it’s not a post to make a debate or anything else, it’s just humor. First, we did not create these images and secondly, I warn you right away, most of them are insulting or can at least be seen as insulting to the majority of [...]

Autism Recovery – Constipation and Tru Fiber

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As I have discussed on previous recording, constipation can be very problematic for many child with Autism. New Beginnings Nutritionals carries an excellent fiber supplement called Tru Fiber.
Since Tru Fiber is a granular form of fiber, it mixes very easily in water and juice. The kids in my practice are able to take Tru Fiber [...]