However, when smokers wait or transfer at the airport terminal, this habit often causes them inconvenience and troubles. Carrying with their luggage, smokers have to stay in the bleak and depressing airport smoking lounges or booths smelled like stale ashtrays due to the poor air ventilation. Moreover, they feel a lack of dignity staying in these smoking chambers, fish tanks and wire cages when everyone passes looking “sad” to them.

Staying comfortable away from second-hand smoke, non-smokers claim the right to keep their health, just as smokers claim their right to smoke and feel good. Smokers should have a fresh and comfortable space to smoke. They have as much as freedom as non-smokers do.

FRESH is an open smoking booth placed at the airport terminals. It offers a space for air travellers to break and vacuums away old smoke while emits fresh air. The booth appears to be a modern and sleek design with a circular arm stands on the base embedded into the floor. A cylindrical glass ash bin with metal top is placed on the center of the booth floor.

360°Spherical Air Wall

When this system starts, the old smoke is vacuumed by the arm top and base groove area where the low-pressure air is generated . The “air wall”, a transition between the low pressure air generated and relatively high pressure air surrounded, keeps the smoke within it and to be purified. Then, the purified fresh air is sent out to the center of the booth from the lower part of the arm. The smoking space is therefore created by this invisible spherical “air wall” through which the travelers can walk conveniently.

Experience with sense and dignity

  • Firstly, it creates a nice open space for smokers with luggage to walk through conveniently without even notice by themselves.
  • Secondly, it makes people feel that they are smoking in the open public area filled with fresh air. This offers them comfortable and relaxing experience compared with traditional smoking lounges or booths which are rather smelly, depressing and bleak.
  • Thirdly, it breaks the traditional rules of constructing the smoking lounge or booth. Smokers benefit psychologically from this open and sculptural booth design without any feelings of being caged. It offers a dignified solution for the smokers.