When you first see these fantastic drafts, your eyes go wondering over the pics, looking for the name of the Arab Emirate where these building are going to be erected. But this time it is not about rich eastern countries, the sketches present us what Russian Sochi will see in just a couple of years. Artificial islands and high buildings on piles, up above the watery waste will emerge in the Black sea in just a few years. Each of the projects – Pier-Hotel, Catamaran, Sea-Star, Olympic Island and Southern Outpost – has its own proportions and level of detail. The upcoming Olympic Games want Russian architects make the best of what they can.

The basis of the building will be constructed the way they do with sea oil platforms, the foundations will be supported by light but firm piles used in building high constructions on the shores. The authors of the project, “A.Asadov architectural studio”, think that the nature beauty of the resort will be completely kept as it is even with all these new structures. The architectures are going to apply eco-technologies and use alternative energy sources while implementing the plan.

They assure that the Pier-Hotel, being the most realistic concept, will have additional floors, the hotel’s roof will be turned into a public space, which will be extended with the coastal park.

The Catamaran will be constructed in front of the city centre, it cannot be put up downtown just because there is already no free space left. The breakwaters will be prolonged with two hotel blocks with artificial landscapes on the roofs.

Between the buildings they are going to create “man-made land” for new hotels to be build right here.

The Sea-Star is an autonomous island, which will be connected with the main land by a “stem” – this will be a “navel string”, along which people and autos will go to the Star and be able to get back. Five hotel towers form the island’s silhouette and its inner space. Between them the architects want to have green petals, which are designed to represent the oasis.

The Olympic island is the biggest and the most symbolic part of the project. Near the coastline they are going to root five circle-shaped platforms, which will be tied to one another and to the mainland as well with pedestrian overpasses and highway bridges.

Following the Olympic symbolism, the platforms will represent five continents – Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Australia, each circle has a tower of an Olympic color in the center.

We hope the project will be carried out just right and tourists won’t have to see another boring thing as it very often happens in Russia. Exciting prospects, poor implementation.