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Volcano Krakatau, Indonesia

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This volcano remnant was not dormant, however, and in August 1883 the volcano on Krakatau erupted with such violence that the sound was heard as far away as Madagscar and Alice Springs, thousands of kilometers away. Two-thirds of the island was destroyed and roughly 20 cubic kilometers of rock was lofted into the atmosphere. It [...]

Teeth Whitening Tips

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Have a Bright Smile When You Know How to Have Healthy and White Teeth.

Benefits are just simple, let’s say, “Having a great smile, Look Good and Feel Good all the time.” Whether we tell it or not, having a bright smile is very inviting, like in TV commercials where two people meet and get attracted [...]

Sukhoi Pak FA Concept

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Now Russiahas its own stealthjet bomber. They promise to have it here already this year and start producing it in seriesstarting 2010.

They tell that the design of the planeis still kept secret and those sketches are the only clue that people have, but as it is known it would be a decent F-22 competitor.

The Shweeb is a Pedal-Powered Monorail

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The Shweeb is a person-powered monorail. The theme-park ride is a combination of the most futuristic of transports and the oldest: pedal-power meets sky-train.

The Shweeb lives in the Agroventures Adventure Park, Rotorua, New Zealand, and is essentially a row of recumbent bikes inside a clear plastic bubble, suspended from a rail. The efficiency means that [...]

Formula One Сars Parading in Moscow

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Formula race cars parading on the Kremlin Embankment during the Formula One Bavaria Moscow City Racing 2009 event.

The center of Moscow was closed for Formula One roadshow. Also there were Vladimir Chagin (Dakar multi-winner on KamAZ-Master), drifters, bikers, oldtimers, convertibles, supercars. Formula One was presented by Heikki Kovalainen (Vodadfone McLaren Mercedes), Kazuki Nakajima (AT&T Williams) [...]