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Hannah Fraser Acts as a Mermaid in Sydney Aquarium

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HANNAH Fraser has found a fin way to make a living – as a professional mermaid.
Hannah: I’m maid for this job

The 33-year-old puts on a tail to go to work after making her first costume out of a plastic tablecloth and two coat hangers. She can hold her breath for up to two minutes and [...]

Russian Presents Supercar Marussia

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Nikolay Fomenko, who was probably busy enough being a popular singer, television new anchor and theater actor, also found time to become an FIA N-GT champion. And if that wasn’t enough to keep this Russian renaissance man busy, he has just launched his country’s first sportscar company, Marussia. To top it off, it’s a hybrid, [...]

Bush Shoe Incident in Iraq

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Over the weekend, went to Iraq and Afghanistan, presumably to tell everyone what a great guy he is. One Iraqi journalist disagreed, and threw his shoes at Mr. Bush. Freedom of speech is alive and well!
If you would like to throw a shoe at Mr. Bush, please do so in the comments. You must give [...]

God Trumps

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Struggling to choose the top religion? Can’t decide between Bible-thumping evangelism or benign, gentle Buddhism? Make the process fun and easy with God Trumps. The game of God Trumps has proved a big hit over at New Humanist. Devised by Christina Martin and illustrated by Martin Rowson, it pits some of the main religions against [...]

Simon’s Sister’s Dog

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