What does losing weight fast mean? I mean, “how much do you have to lose in a given amount of time for it to be fast weight loss?”

First a most important question: “why are you seeking to lose weight?”

There are only ever two answers to this question: “because I want to look better,” and “for the good of my health.”

Health is the most important consideration in our lives. If you’re not healthy, you’re not in the game.

So, when you lose weight for health reasons it doesn’t make sense to jeopardize your health in the process. This means that your weight loss target should be sensible for your health.

I consider that 2 pounds a week for a man of my build is a reasonable target. For someone with a lighter frame a lesser target would be better.

So, today I feel extatic. At the end of the first seven days of my current weight loss campaign I have lost exactly 2 pounds.

I attribute my success to eating sensibly, doing my Desk Exercises to Lose Weight and to sustaining my willpower by using the free magic-hats personal development program to help with losing weight fast.
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