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50 Cent offers Kanye condolences

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 50 Cent appears on stage during MTV’s “Total Request Live” show at the MTV Times Square Studios, in this Sept. 11, 2007, file photo in New York.
NEW YORK—50 Cent said Kayne West is making the right decision by returning to the stage after his mother’s sudden death.

“That’s really an unfortunate situation and I hope he [...]

5 Ways To Grow Your Freelance Business

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This post is a brief description of how I have grown my freelance business, and how you can too. I talk about the sites I read and post on, how the people I’ve met have helped me, and how you can possibly find the same success. This is really aimed at people just starting out, [...]

Losing Weight Fast

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What does losing weight fast mean? I mean, “how much do you have to lose in a given amount of time for it to be fast weight loss?”
First a most important question: “why are you seeking to lose weight?”
There are only ever two answers to this question: “because I want to look better,” and “for [...]

First pictures of the new 300 HP Hyundai Genesis Coupe

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Brian Lam and I are here on the floor of the LA Convention Center waiting for the Hyundai Genesis Coupe to…oh there it goes. Once my eyes adjusted to the metal-flake, nuclear-sunrise orange initial impressions were RSX headlights on a Lexus IS wedge. Of course, the special thing is that Hyundai promises the coupe to [...]

Inside Chrysler’s Two-Mode HEMI Hybrid System

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On the outside, a hybrid is usually just a badge and a smug driver. On the inside is where all the fun happens. In that spirit we bring you the internals of the Chrysler version of the two-mode hybrid system (after a long day of previews and reveals we thought you deserved a little mechanical [...]