Viagra for Women at AWC pharmacy

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It could have been that simple! At any chosen moment you just put the magic pill under the tongue and wait for the spill of a nice wave! But if men are more often faced with the inability to bring the sexual contact to the logical end, for most women the problem is the lack of desire itself. Surveys show that about 30% of women have almost no sexual arousal. With that massive legion in mind a ‘Librido’ program was initiated in the United States that promises to put on sale female Viagra by the end of 2016. The results of the first tests are quite promising: women who took it, did note that their sexual tone improved significantly. Does this mean that we are on the verge of a new sexual revolution?
Why have sex when you do not want it?
The attempts to devise a female Viagra were made before. But most of the drugs were created on the basis of a key component of the same Viagra – sildenafil. It dilates blood vessels and provides blood flow to the penis. Mainly due to this aspect, erection is achieved. But this method is powerless, if not the most important thing – it doesn’t drive the desire to have sex.

Viagra for women at AWC Canadian pharmacy

Librido operates differently. It stimulates the production of the hormone testosterone, which affects the pleasure centers in the brain, enhancing sexual desire, as well as dulling the discomfort. In other words, it affects the very source of desire – our brain. Gynaecologist Odile Buisson is optimistic about the novelty: ‘If clinical trials of Librido prove that the drug is safe and if it will be appointed wisely, I think it will be helpful to many women. I communicate with dozens of individuals who truly love their partners, but suffer from lack of desire’.
Are we killing love? What sexologists say
So how do we draw the line between love and desire? Here lies the main difficulty. After all, the nature of sexual desire in women is closely linked to her feelings and general emotional background. Librido doesn’t considered this aspect. ‘You have to understand that all the funds that are designed to stimulate the libido, act only at the level of physiology, – says Eugene Kashchenko, a seasoned sexologist. ‘The mechanism of origin of desire is very complex, you cannot simply reduce it to chemical formulas. Sexual problems in both women and men are often associated with psychological difficulties. After all, sex life is based on emotions’. Even if a miracle pill can provide all women sexual activity stable, long-term consequences could be unpredictable. The body risks to unlearn how to produce the hormone naturally and become dependent on the drug. A relationship built on artificially on heated attraction, is unlikely to be long-lasting.

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Toyota’s chief test driver dies

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According to reports, Toyota’s chief test driver, 67-year-old Hiromu Naruse, has died in a crash on highway 410 near the famed Nürburgring race track in Germany. He was driving the recently spied Lexus LFA Nürburgring Edition (above) at the time of the accident, and reports say he veered into oncoming traffic and collided head-on with two others test drivers in a BMW. The two BMW test drivers survived the crash, though one is reportedly still in critical condition. German video of the crash scene after the accident took place can be viewed below. Police are investigating the crash and have yet to determine its cause.

Hiromu Naruse was heavily involved with the development of the Lexus LFA he was driving, along with many other past sports cars from Toyota’s history since he joined the company in 1963. Enthusiasts today call him the “Godfather of the LFA,” though he was involved in the development of sports cars for Toyota going as far back as the storied 2000GT from the late 1960s. The prototype of a special edition version of the LFA that he was driving when the accident occurred was reportedly worth 1.5 million euro.

Could the Pill Lower a Woman’s Sex Drive?

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Women who use hormonal contraception such as birth control pills may be at higher risk for having sexual problems than women who use no contraception or non-hormonal contraception, a new study suggests.

The research isn’t the first to find such a link, said Dr. Irwin Goldstein, director of sexual medicine at Alvarado Hospital in San Diego and a clinical professor of surgery at the University of California, San Diego. He has found the same link in his own research.

The new study, he said, is “more evidence that when you fool around with hormones, you fool around with your sex life.

The study is published in the current issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine; Goldstein is the journal’s editor-in-chief.

In general, hormonal contraceptives are well-tolerated and are the best noninvasive method to prevent pregnancy,” said study co-author Dr. Harald Seeger, a researcher at University Hospital Tuebingen in Germany.

He stressed that the study found a link, not cause-and-effect, and that many other factors come into play that can contribute to sexual problems.

The German research team evaluated 1,086 women, most in a stable relationship with the same partner for six months before answering questions about their sexual functioning and their contraceptive practices.

Using a standard index to measure female sexual function, the researchers found that nearly 33 percent of the women were at risk for female sexual dysfunction. The problems involved a range of factors, such as lack of orgasm, desire, satisfaction, arousal and lubrication.

Most of the women (87 percent) had used contraceptives in the past six months, and more than 97 percent had been sexually active in the past four weeks.

Oral contraceptives were the most popular, used by 69.5 percent of the women, followed by condoms (22.5 percent) and the vaginal contraceptive ring (7.3 percent). Others used a contraceptive implant, intrauterine methods, fertility awareness or other methods.

The researchers then zeroed in on the type of contraception and sexual functioning, excluding 11 women who used more than one type.

Women using non-hormonal contraceptives (such as condoms) were at lowest risk for sexual dysfunction. At next lowest risk were those using no birth control, the study authors found. At highest risk were those using non-oral hormonal contraception, followed by those using oral hormonal contraceptives.

When the researchers looked just at the desire and arousal parameters, both hormonal groups were at highest risk.

Our data show that hormonal contraception in particular was associated with lower desire and arousal scores when compared with other contraceptives,” the authors wrote.

Researchers can’t explain the link, but one possibility is that oral contraceptives have been found to reduce circulating levels of androgens, perhaps leading to low circulating levels of testosterone, needed to trigger desire.

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Other factors found to affect sexual functioning, the researchers noted, included stress, which was linked with lower desire, and relationship stability, which was linked with higher orgasm scores but lower desire, at least in the short-term.

Denise Bradley, a spokeswoman for Teva Pharmaceuticals, which makes oral contraceptives, said the company had no comment.

Goldstein said the new research points to the need for physicians to warn their patients about the possibility of a sexual dysfunction risk with contraceptive use. “From my point of view, this is more evidence that physicians should spend one extra minute (to tell patients), ‘If you want contraception and want to use the oral pill, it may affect your sexual functioning.‘”

Cheat in Exam with your Coca Cola

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You can easily cheat in exam with your coca cola.

Teachers, principals, and tattletales: if you see a student squinting and fixated on a beverage during an exam…think twice.

While this video is fantastically creative, it is also questionable in many ways. The time wasted in Photoshop modifying the Coke label and gluing it to the bottle would be all the time needed to actually learn the darn material.

Frozen Australian Dollars, Sydney

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A promotional campaign took place in Sydney, Australia to mark the opening of a new clothing label. However, they made their debut in the most interesting and peculiar way.

Using a 400 pound block of ice with $1,000 Australian dollars frozen within it and placing it in the middle of Martin Place, people were invited to icepick it to their heart’s content for the cash.

Looking through the gallery of this event, this ice block of cash successfully attracted a lot attention and hardworking ice-pickers. Aside from being a creative debut, they also placed a different meaning to the phrase, “cold, hard cash.”

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